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What our clients say

Comment from Bryan O. in %s Car Rental

Bryan O.

Mar, 2021


Good experience when renting a car with City Car Rental, its prices include insurance and taxes. You just go for your car and drive freely.
Comment from Travis J. in %s Car Rental

Travis J.

Mar, 2021


I found it incredible to rent with City Car Rental, they were very responsive in all aspects and offered a high-quality service both in the car and in the customer service.
Comment from Maria T. in %s Car Rental

Maria T.

Mar, 2021


Renting a car with City Car Rental was an enjoyable experience. They were very friendly at all times and entirely professional.

Our car rental destinations Most popular destinations

from$ 70.53 USD


from$ 74.65 USD

Playa del carmen

from$ 73.53 USD

Los Cabos

from$ 73.53 USD

Cabo San Lucas

from$ 72.65 USD

Puerto Vallarta

from$ 74.65 USD


from$ 106.00 USD

Mexico City

from$ 89.41 USD


from$ 75.76 USD


from$ 36.29 USD


from$ 36.29 USD


from$ 36.29 USD

Ciudad Juarez

from$ 36.29 USD


from$ 36.29 USD


from$ 33.71 USD

Piedras Negras

from$ 36.29 USD


from$ 36.29 USD


from$ 36.29 USD


from$ 36.29 USD

Nuevo Laredo

from$ 45.82 USD


from$ 59.35 USD

Poza Rica

from$ 88.18 USD


from$ 36.29 USD

San Luis Potosi

from$ 30.00 USD


from$ 88.24 USD


from$ 36.29 USD

Lazaro Cardenas

from$ 147.06 USD


from$ Soon


from$ Soon


Why book with us? There is a bunch of reasons, but the most important are

Personalized Customer Service

We focus on obtainig the greatest satisfaction of you.

Competitive rates, whithout hidden charges

What you see, is what you pay

Exclusive disscount

Save hundreds of dollars with our promotions.

About City Car Rental Why to rent a car with us

City Car Rental is a proudly car rental company that was born to offer travelers an honest and quality alternative. Our team is trained to provide a timely service, and is made up of specialists in customer service and user experience on digital platforms.

We distinguish by offering the best rates in the market and no hidden prices, ensuring the best car rental experience for you.

We have several ways of contact to facilitate the hiring of a car rental service, so we will always be at your disposal when you need us.

City Car Rental offers to each customer the best value to rent a car, through exclusive promotions, discounts and other benefits.

We believe in our capacity to provide a better experience to the travelers who visit the main tourist destinations in Mexico, so we offer the best options to rent a car easy and fast with an adequate and friendly orientation. Also, in City Car Rental we always working to give reasonable rates without sacrificing safety and comfort.

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