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Mini Van

Dodge Grand Caravan or similar

  • 7
  • 4

Miami Airport (MIA)

$80.00 USD


Kia Sorento or similar

  • 5
  • 4

Miami Airport (MIA)

$65.00 USD


Toyota Rav4 or similar

  • 5
  • 4

Miami Airport (MIA)

$55.00 USD

Pasenger Van

Maxivan or similar

  • 12
  • 6

Miami Airport (MIA)

$150.00 USD


Honda Pilot or similar

  • 7
  • 4

Miami Airport (MIA)

$80.00 USD


Nissan Versa or similar

  • 5
  • 2

Miami Airport (MIA)

$40.00 USD

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Comment from Jason M. in %s Car Rental

Jason M.

Apr, 2021


Days ago I took a business trip and needed to rent a car in Miami.I decided on City car rental. It gives me an efficient and safe service.
Comment from Simon L. in %s Car Rental

Simon L.

Apr, 2021


I am satisfied with this service, I had no problems with the reservation or with the vehicle. The attention is good. I highly recommend this Car Rental Miami Company.
Comment from Jhon S. in %s Car Rental

Jhon S.

Apr, 2021


Last week my wife and I decided to rent a car in Miami because a friend recommended it. Our vacation was perfect and we were satisfied with the car we got.

Rent a car in Miami with City Car RentalWe have all your needs covered!

In City Car Rental, our goal is to provide the best service to our customers in their Car Rental Miami, because of this our reservation system has been improved so that you can easily make your reservation in a matter of minutes!

In case of any doubt on how to book a Miami Car Rental with us, our customer service team is always available and will gladly advise you to make your reservation successfully.

It is of great importance that during your Car Rental Miami, you have support. That's why our rates already include insurance that will cover your car for any accident that may happen.

We do not make any hidden charges here when you rent a car with us what you see at the end of the quotation is what you pay!

When you hire a Miami Car Rental with city car rental will allow you to enjoy your vacation to the fullest by having prices and discounts on the best attractions in the city.

As well as being able to fully enjoy each of these without the haste of going with a group, you can have the schedule that you think! We have all your needs covered!

You can also hire your car rental service in nearby destinations such as:

What Does Include Your Miami Car Rental?

Travel Smart, Don't Pay Extra Money.

Travel Safe, All Our Rates Include Insurance

  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
  • Primary Third Person / Property Liability (PLI)
  • Medical Expenses Insurance (PAI)
  • Theft Protection (TP)
  • Civil Responsibility Complement (SLI)

The best service at the best price

With City Car Rental you only have to worry about enjoying your trip, thanks to our personalized service you will have all the information you need to book your car rental in Miami. If you have any questions about costs, requirements or coverage, contact one of our representatives and we will gladly assist you.

Drive without limits with our free mileage

Tour the city without limitations, thanks to our free mileage you will not have to pay extra fares for the amount of kilometers traveled, just worry about enjoying your trip.

Why rent a car in Miami?

Miami is a city that has it all, fabulous beaches, impressive tourist attractions, and the best hotels. However, the distances between the two can be considerable, so public transportation would take a long time to get you there, and a transportation service can be costly.

That's why when you book our Car Rental Miami Airport you can forget about all these problems and focus only on enjoying each of the incredible places that this city has for you.

In addition to having a great variety of prices and models, our cars have insurance so you can feel free and safe to drive in Miami.

The fleet of cars that we have at your disposal is vast, so that even if you come alone or accompanied, you can choose the vehicle that best suits your needs and enjoy your Miami Car Rental service!

Remember that by pre-paying your Car Rental Miami you will have access to great promotions and discounts, saving you a lot of money in the best tourist attractions on the city.

Miami is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world, full of life, fantastic beaches and many more things to do, this is why during your trip the best option is to use the Miami Car Rental service by City Car Rental, because thanks to being part of the experience of City Car Rental you will have access to the best places with fabulous prices, so your experience is unique!

Discover City Car Rental Locations on the City

City Car Rental Miami

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Phone: +1 (305) 529.3997

Office hour MON-SAT from 06:00 to 23:00

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Tips & Advices

Explore Miami in your car and know its paradisiacal beaches!

Miami is one of the cities with the best beaches in the world, many are worth going to know, but the most recommended are Crandon Park Beach and Haulover Beach Park, which you can reach more quickly with your car rental Miami service with City Car Rental.

Lots of people visit this city every day looking to know the beautiful attractions it has to offer, that's why we recommend you hire your MIA car rental in advance so that transportation is not an inconvenience on your trip.

Besides, if you want to move at your own pace, without a doubt, you should use the Miami car rental with City Car Rental, so you can move at the times that suit you best.

Discover more ways to save money in your trip with this Tips to rent a car in Miami, USA!


Why book a Car Rental Miami?

Visiting a city or a destination is always a great adventure, because this way you know or discover new things or experiences that you cannot forget about this destination or city, Miami is a multicultural city and full of activities or attractions in which you can spend hours of fun. 

Because Miami is a city full of people from different parts of the world, you can find a wide variety of attractions or activities, that's why people who visit this city, need to transport themselves or move around the city, to find an excellent Car Rental Miami Airport, you may have the facility to tour these destinations without the concern or expectations of either public transport or friendly, having to pay for a taxi service, which in most cases can be expensive, or not very useful for those who travel in groups or families.

The Miami Car Rental will also give you the comfort of moving around the city with total freedom and without depending on any external service, in addition, you can go out to tour the city, in the time that suits you best. From the moment you arrive at the Miami Airport terminal, you will be able to find your Car Rental Miami Airport.

What places can I visit when book a Miami Car Rental?

Traveling to Miami offers tourists a significant number of activities to do at any time of day and for each different traveler, this city offers an endless amount of tourist activities, cultural or simply have a good time with the people with whom you travel, when you purchase the Car Rental Miami service, not only will have the ease of visiting this city of Florida, but you can enjoy the nightlife as it is South Beach.

In addition to this dazzling experience, with its Car Rental Miami, you can also visit the giant shopping malls in which you can spend hours strolling through the squares and visiting the different stores recognized worldwide in this U.S. destination.

This city offers activities for all types of travelers, from those who enjoy nightlife, shopping mall lovers and even families who want to know more about the city center, in addition to Car Rental Miami Airport, you and the people who accompany you, will know the different attractions, such as spending an entire day at the Miami Zoo, or the Miami Seaquarium, there will be an endless number of things to do in this great city, and what better to enjoy this destination, having purchased a Miami Car Rental.

When you purchase a Car Rental Miami service by City Car Rental, you will be able to visit, travel or move to these destinations and around the city, without worries and with total freedom accompanied by your family or friends. You will also be able to know the attractions near the city, such as Key West, which is one of the best destinations to practice water sports. Having booked your Car Rental Miami Airport with us, you will also have the possibility to visit the shops, bars, and other attractions nearby this attraction.

Is it safe to Rent a Car in Miami?

As a visitor, it is necessary to know the characteristics of the place we are about to visit, in the case of Miami, is a destination where you can enjoy its beautiful beaches, shopping malls or theme parks, hire a Miami Car Rental, is an excellent recommendation for any type of traveler who wants to travel this destination. All you need when renting a car in Miami is a driver's license and a credit card, so if you want to Rent a Car in Miami, you won't have any complications, and you won't have any impediment to enjoy the wide variety of activities that this city can offer.

What does my car rental in Miami include?

If you want a Car Rental Miami Airport, you can find a large number of car rental agencies in Miami, which will offer cheap prices, however, in all cases you will end up losing or having complications, since, in the vast majority of cases, you will have to pay for insurance, which will make your Car Rental Miami, go up and probably out of your budget.

If what you are looking for is a Miami Car Rental that is reliable, honest, and safe with City Car Rental, you will find this and many other things, because we offer insurance included in the price of your rent. In addition, the vehicles we offer are in constant maintenance and go through a verification process, so that you can enjoy your car, no complications or unforeseen in the course of your trip to Miami. We are a reliable Car Rental Company in Miami, so you won't have to worry about anything but enjoying your vacation in Miami.

Where can I get a Car Rental Miami service?

In City Car Rental you can rent a car at any time of the day 7 days a week, and we are committed to offering you at any time and place where you are, so getting a car rental in Miami will not be a complicated task, because from the comfort of your home while you have a good Internet signal you can make a reservation in less than 5 minutes on our page or, you can contact us by phone.

What are you waiting for? Do not miss the opportunity to have a trip to Miami with the freedom, confidence, and security that only with a car rental Miami from City Car Rental you will have.

Can I get a Car rental in Miami, or which car rental companies are near me?

You don't need to look any further to get a Miami car rental at the best price! We are the agency you are looking for, when you get a car rental in Miami with City Car Rental you will not have to worry about long waiting hours in paperwork and so on, because we offer personalized attention at all times, so as soon as you call our offices or make a reservation online this will be ready!

City Car Rental is getting closer to you, that's why we have evolved the customer service with which you will not have the need to move to our offices to make a reservation.

We are the leading Miami Car Rental agency that has shown that being close to you is our greatest specialty because thanks to our trained customer service team you can have personal attention 24 hours a day!

Enjoy your trip and live new adventures while you discover why our Car Rental Miami service is the right option to rent a car near you.

What is the best Car Rental Miami Airport for me?

Maybe you've heard about agencies that promise to be the best in the market, even some will offer extremely low prices (same that will increase through your booking process with them), there are also those that specialize in customer service but when you have a question simply do not answer.

Fortunately, City Car Rental is the Miami Car Rental agency that cares because the service you receive is not only the best at the moment, but that is constant while you purchase our services so you can have the certainty of being acquiring a quality service.

When you get a Miami Car Rental you are not only opting for an exceptional service, because unlike other brands City Car Rental car care about the welfare of your economy, that's why we have not only the best prices, but we also offer special promotions, exclusive offers on attractions, restaurants in the city and wonderful discounts depending on the season and the terms and conditions of each of these, this way we ensure that your experience with us is the best and most enjoyable while you dedicate yourself to live and create unique memories in the city with the Car Renta Miami Airport ideal for you!

Information about Miami Car Rental

Pick-up locationMiami International Airport (MIA)
Car CategoriesCompact, Economy, Standard, Full-size, Compact SUV, Mini Van, Passenger Van
Rental locations2
Airport locations1
Popular agencyCity Car Rental Miami

What additional services can I add to my Miami car rental service?

By choosing City car rental as your primary Miami car rental agency, you will not only receive the benefits mentioned above. You can also add additional services to your reservation so that your experience will be the most complete and pleasant while you drive with everything you need.

With Miami Car Rental by City Car Rental You will get personalized attention either in English or Spanish available to you 24 hours a day, this way you can be sure to purchase a Miami Car Rental service completely personal that our bilingual team of trained customer service will be at your service and disposal when you need them, well in addition to answering questions about the vehicle can give you advice on which places to visit, what are the most important attractions, restaurants to go to eat and why not? Even places to go shopping in the city.

Also if you have any inconvenience while driving on the road or through the city, you should not worry, because with Car Rental Miami Airport you can have assistance at the time you require with a team of specialists who will be on their way to help you with whatever the situation.

Remember that if you are traveling with small children, you don't have to worry about their safety because when you get a Car Rental Miami with us you will get benefits such as basic insurance included for you and your companions (Depending on the type of car you are renting).

Car Is it expensive Car Rental Miami Airport?

If you are traveling to Miami with your family or friends, the most practical way to take care of your budget is to use the Car Rental Miami service. Taxis are usually expensive, and you may have to make several during your stay. Public transportation is not expensive, but you may find it a little uncomfortable to find routes and ways to get to your destination.

Some people believe that Car Rental Miami is the best option if you want to save money and time when traveling in a group. Because we know that every traveler has different needs, City Car Rental Miami offers special packages, according to your needs and budget, with different categories of vehicles, so that all styles of travel, whether business or recreational, all available to you.

You can obtain a vehicle in excellent condition, with the security that you will feel comfortable. Don't worry about the costs; all the taxes and insurance you need are included in the price.

With City Car Rental Miami it is very cheap to use a Car Rental Miami Airport service, and always the price you see is the one you will pay. Say goodbye to hidden charges or mandatory insurance that are not included at the time of booking.

What type of Miami Car Rental is right for me?

The city of Miami is perfect for many recreational activities. There are many theme parks, restaurants and traveling around the area by car is an excellent option, whether you are traveling alone, in a couple, with your family or friends.

We are a Car Rental Miami Airport company that cares about your comfort and safety. With time we have learned that the most important thing is to have a comfortable and reliable means of transportation during your travels. You can be sure that we will give you an excellent service and that we have the perfect vehicle for you.

We have models ranging from compact vehicles, large vehicles, SUVs, or vans for small groups. Choose the option that best suits the needs of your trip and let us offer you the best service.

Are you traveling alone, with your partner, with one or two friends or on a limited budget? We recommend a budget car when using a Car Rental Miami.

Are you tired of driving a manual car, or do you not drive manually? We recommend a compact automatic vehicle when using a Car Rental Miami.

Do you travel with your family (wife/husband + 2 children)? We recommend you rent a full-size car. But, if you have a little more budget, you can use a compact SUV when you use a Car Rental Miami so you can enjoy more space on your trips.

Are you traveling with more than five people? We recommend that you rent a passenger van at the Miami airport for up to 7 people.

Are you traveling with a group of 10 or more? We recommend that you rent a passenger van with a capacity of up to 15pax.

Where can I rent a car with City Car Rental?

City Car Rental Miami offers you the possibility to live the experience of renting a car with us in several destinations in the United States:

How much does it cost to rent a car in Miami (MIA)?

Car rentals in Miami start at $95 USD per day, although these prices may vary depending on the cars' season and availability.

Vehicle CategoryPrice Per Day (USD)
Rent a Compact car in Miami$95
Rent an Economy Car in Miami$95
Rent a Standard Car in Miami$130
Rent a Full Size Car in Miami$115
Rent a Minivan in Miami$150
Rent a Passenger Van in Miami$210

Published prices may change or vary without prior notice*.

What is the difference between City Car Rental and other MIA Car Rental companies?

While the different car rental brands in the city that offer Car Rental Miami Airport service such as Avis ®, Hertz ®, National Car Rental ®, Europcar ® or Sixt ® offer low rates on their initial prices, City Car Rental rates already have the total price at the time you make your reservation, so you will have no problem with hidden charges, because in City Car Rental Miami our specialty is transparency in our prices.

You will find different websites on the Internet such as Expedia ®, ®, ®, among others that promise rates of up to $1 USD, but in the end turn out to be false, because in the United States it is IMPOSSIBLE to purchase a MIA car rental services paying only one dollar, in addition these same companies will sell you insurance that they are already required to include in the rental of your car, since in the United States it is totally mandatory that Miami Car Rental companies offer damage insurance to third parties, and this talking about some, since there are many more to which the MIA car rental agencies are subject, however they put the idea in your mind that you are not obliged to pay for these services when in reality everyone who travels by car in the United States should have one of these insurances, anyway, you will know that if you skip this step, the agency will equally charge the value of these to your rent for a high cost, so at the end of the day you will end up paying up to 50 times the value of the only dollar you sold in the beginning.

City Car Rental Unlike other car rental companies in Miami is completely transparent with the charges that are made, ALL prices shown on our website INCLUDE WIDE COVERAGE INSURANCE AND TAXES, we are the only Car Rental Miami Company that shows you real prices on its website, City Car Rental Miami, Florida is honest and we want everyone to know that our brand is synonymous with trust and quality.

Rest assured that when your MIA Car Rental finishes and you return the car with us, after checking that everything is in order with the car, we will not make hidden charges, or invent pretexts to charge more than agreed. As mentioned before, our quotes are the final price.

City Car Rental Miami, Florida also offers a personalized service to each of its customers, which will help them move easily around the city and solve any questions that arise when you rent a car in Miami, Florida.

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