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What our clients say

Comment from Ingrid D. in %s Car Rental

Ingrid D.

Nov, 2020


I booked a Guadalajara car rental with City Car Rental and have a great experience! They included insurance and have a great variety of cars!
Comment from Esther G. in %s Car Rental

Esther G.

Nov, 2020


I had a great time with my car rental Guadalajara from City Car Rental. I got discounts at various points in the city just for renting with them!
Comment from Brian R. in %s Car Rental

Brian R.

Nov, 2020


I had a great experience with this company! Such a right car rental Guadalajara They had affordable prices and the best customer service; they treated us very well!

Tips for your next Car Rental Guadalajara.

You don't need to be a travel expert to have the trip of your dreams in Guadalajara. Just by following these practical tips, your trip will undoubtedly take a drastic turn as you will be prepared to have everything under your command and control when it comes to car rental in Guadalajara.

Guadalajara is probably one of the most challenging cities to find a safe transportation method, which is why renting a car will be your biggest ally in this adventure.

Rent a car in Guadalajara

If you plan to travel to Guadalajara soon, the best thing to do is rent a car. For this, you should consider that it will be much easier to get to the city's main attractions like the Guadalajara Zoo, Paseo Chapultepec, Agua Azul Park, the iconic Wax Museum, Tlaquepaque in the surroundings and more places that make this a unique and magnificent city.

If you arrive at Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla International Airport

No matter which terminal you arrive at the airport, you probably won't find many car rental agencies. That's why we recommend that you rent your car safely in advance online or by calling a car rental agent in Guadalajara. At City Car Rental Guadalajara, our agents will be available for you at all times so that you can get the ideal car rental in Guadalajara ready for your arrival.

Driving around the city

Driving on the streets and roads of this city is not an easy task, so we recommend that you have a short review of traffic rules and road safety before your trip. This way, your transfer from one place to another will be much more comfortable, and not only that, but you will be able to drive more safely without exposing yourself or those who accompany you.

Traffic in Guadalajara

Being a big city, in Guadalajara, you can find thousands of people moving around the city at any time of the day, causing driving complications if you are not used to big cities. If you drive on a fast track, never exceed the speed limit. If you are in the city, you must be patient and drive very carefully on a busy street or avenue. It's recommended that you keep a considerable distance from other cars so that you can avoid accidents on the road.

Book in advance

I'm sure you've heard or read about it somewhere. And in this case, it will be no exception if you want to make the most of your travels. In this case, renting a car in Guadalajara in advance will be essential for all the activities you want to do inside or outside the city. (it can also be much cheaper if you rent a car in Guadalajara to start enjoying the wonders of the city from the moment you arrive).

Rent your car online or with a phone agent before your trip. This will give you more chances to find the ideal car that fits your needs.

Respect speed limits

The speed limit within the city is 40 to 50 kilometers per hour to find signs like 40 KM/H. Similarly, on the city's outskirts (roads) and the avenues of rapid transit such as the ring road, you can move from 60 to 100 kilometers per hour.

Take your precautions. In Mexico, you can find the traffic signs in kilometers and not in miles. (This applies to roads and vehicles).

What Does Include Your Car Rental Guadalajara Airport Service?

Travel Smart, Don´t Pay Extra Money.

Travel Safe, All The Rates Include Insurance

  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
  • Primary Third Person / Property Liability (PLI)
  • Medical Expenses Insurance (PAI)
  • Theft Protection (TP)
  • Civil Responsibility Complement (SLI)

No Hidden Fees, Your Rental Include Taxes

Rest assured that with us, you will not pay hidden over-the-counter fares; your rent already includes international airport and local taxes. With us, you have confidence in what you see; it's what you pay at the counter on your arrival.

Drive The City With Our Free Mileage

Tour the city without limitations; thanks to our free mileage, you will not have to pay extra fares for the number of kilometers traveled; just worry about enjoying your trip.

With City Car Rental, get the best experience in Guadalajara car rental.

Guadalajara is an incredible destination to visit during your next trip, where you will find a lot of activities and exciting places to visit.

In your car rental Guadalajara Airport (GDL), we want your visit to this city to be unforgettable, so we offer you the best solution for your mobility.

Onboard one of our vehicles, you will be able to travel around Guadalajara at your own pace, discovering every corner and relevant tourist sites.

Make the most of your stay in this fantastic destination. With the car rental service in Guadalajara, you will travel in the vehicle that best suits your needs and budget, with the confidence that you will have a comfortable and safe trip until you arrive at your destination.

Getting a City Car Rental Guadalajara service is very easy with us. Our staff will be ready to offer you the advice you deserve at any time of the day, step by step, during, and after the reservation process of your car rental Guadalajara. This way we can assure you that your experience with us will be the best.

One of the main characteristics that distinguish us is that renting a vehicle with us is your best option. We offer personalized attention and the incredible promotions we provide throughout the year (these can save you hundreds of dollars in transportation and time).

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City Car Rental Guadalajara

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Phone: +52 (334) 170 8165

Office hourSUN-MON Mon-Fra 7 AM - 11 PM, Sat-Sun 8 AM - 6 PM


Calle Galileo Galilei #3792, Col. Arboledas, C.P. 45070, Zapopan, Jalisco.

Phone: +52 (998) 980.0766

Office hour: 8:00 AM a 11:00 PM MON-SAT

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Things you need to know before visiting Guadalajara

Guadalajara is one of the cities of Mexico with more cultural, gastronomical, and local wealth. You will love to know the exhibitions of the city as well as the representative seats that make it to this unique place in the Mexican Republic.

If you want to know the most popular places in Guadalajara, you can't miss the opportunity to rent a vehicle before your trip. This will give you the mobility you need to enjoy the city.

Don't miss the opportunity to ask the locals about the most popular places you can visit in and out of town, this will certainly allow you to live a lot of new experiences, and you will take advantage of your car rental in Guadalajara in a big way.

Car Rental Guadalajara


Why should you Rent a Car in Guadalajara with City Car Rental?

All our Car rentals in Guadalajara Airport services provided by City Car Rental are perfect for everyone who wants to know this incredible city in its entirety.

We know how difficult it can be for you as a customer to find an agency that has the right price that you need to make your trip around the city as pleasant, comfortable, and worry-free as possible when driving in the city or on the road outside it. That's why we have selected our vehicles exactly, and we keep a constant check on each one of them. This way, your mobility through the city and your destination will be as practical and simple as possible.

Also, in City Car Rental, we have a wide variety of insurance and extras that you can select to complement your city tours. It is worth noting that one of the characteristics for which hundreds of travelers have chosen us as their favorite car rental agency in Guadalajara.

How can we prove this? By offering personalized attention to solve all your doubts before, during, and after your trips with us.

When you book your car rentals in Guadalajara Airport with City Car Rental, you will be able to enjoy exclusive promotions with the best and most popular tourist attractions in the city. From restaurants, zoos, lakes, and even department stores of your favorite brands.

Also, enjoy all the benefits that you will get when you rent a car in Guadalajara with us since we offer the best price and the best quality in the car rental sector.

City car rental Guadalajara has continuously inspected all its vehicles for your safety, ensuring that your driving experience is the most comfortable and enjoyable.

Don't hesitate! We are your best option for car rental in Guadalajara Jalisco.

How safe is it to Rent a Car in Guadalajara?

Renting a car in Guadalajara with City Car Rental is quite safe, mainly because we have the best quality norms and standards. We apply them daily to our vehicles, making each of our clients a real adventure.

Besides this, when you rent a car, you will not have to leave your safety in the hands of anyone else, since you will be the driver who will guide the course of the adventures you will live in this beautiful destination.

In Guadalajara, you will have the option to move around the city by taxi from your arrival or by public transport. Generally, taxis can be costly if you are going to and from one place to another. You can also use public transportation, but this usually becomes a very uncomfortable way to get around the city due to the uncertain schedules. The traffic that a city as big as Guadalajara suffers, as well as the demand for public transportation service that there is, will make you take much more time than estimated to get from one destination to another within the city.

In City Car Rental, we know that your main objective is to make the most of your trip without worrying about your transportation method. Therefore, your best option is to get car rentals in Guadalajara Airport services so you can make the most of your stay in the city.

Renting a Car in Guadalajara guarantees you to obtain a fast, reliable, and safe service since you will be able to have our fleet of vehicles, which are inspected continuously. Also, in City Car Rental, we offer the best prices of Car Rental in Guadalajara Jalisco, with basic insurance included, indispensable for anyone who wants to rent a car, and best of all, without hidden charges or inflated prices.

What are you waiting for? Decide to get the best vacation of your life by acquiring the best car rental in Guadalajara with City Car Rental.

Where can I Rent a car in Guadalajara near me?

With City Car Rental, you can find car rentals in Guadalajara Airport near you, whether you are in the city downtown or at the airport.

You can find several car rental companies in Guadalajara. But, most of these companies never keep their promises or handle hidden prices that will be charged at the end of your reservation.

In City Car Rental, we know that our customers' most important thing is to have a quality, efficient, and reliable service. So we put a customer service team at your disposal capable of meeting each of the travel needs that our customers have.

You can get our car rental at Guadalajara airport and downtown Guadalajara, making it much more accessible the way you buy a car. If you wish, you can also contact us on our website, where either by call or mail, one of our agents will contact you to offer the service you need.

Take advantage of all our promotions to save up to 40% on your total booking.

What is the best car rental option in Guadalajara?

You will find several agencies that offer great deals at incredible prices during your search for a car rental in Guadalajara Jalisco. The reality is that most of these companies never deliver on their promises, and at the end of your reservation, you will end up very disappointed by the prices and taxes they will add to your rate.

City Car Rental is the best Mexican rental agency, which cares about the economy of our customers. For them, we are their best option.

What is the perfect type of car rental in Guadalajara for me?

We are a car rental company at Guadalajara airport (GDL) specialized in offering comfort and security to all our customers. We know how important it is to have a reliable and comfortable car rental service during your vacation. That is why by choosing City Car Rental to rent a car, we guarantee that you will get more than just excellent service since we will also make sure that we have the ideal vehicle for you in the time and manner you need.

We have a wide variety of compact vehicles, large vehicles, SUVs, or vans for small groups. You can choose the best car rental at Guadalajara airport, which best suits your travel needs.

If you are traveling on a limited budget, we suggest you buy an economy category car where you will find the ideal vehicle at an incredible price.

If you prefer to drive a manual or automatic car, you do not have to worry. In City Car Rental Guadalajara, you will be able to choose your favorite and feel comfortable while driving around the city in a vehicle with the ideal transmission for you.

Are you planning a family trip? We recommend you to rent a car in our Full-Size category so you will have the ideal space for you and your whole family.

Are you traveling with a group of up to 7 people? We recommend that you rent an SUV for a maximum of 7 passengers, so you will have the comfort you deserve.

Are you traveling with a group of more than ten people? We recommend that you rent a van with a capacity of up to 15 passengers.

All our categories

Where can I go if I decide to rent a car in Guadalajara?

If you want to rent a car in Guadalajara Airport, you can find us very close to the airport, although we also offer the service of the vehicle delivered directly to your hotel.

You can book your car rental in Guadalajara on our website first, select the option that best suits your needs, and then pick up your vehicle at the airport, downtown, or a specific location.

What does my Guadalajara Car Rental reservation include?

In City Car Rental, all our rates are real and transparent. All our Guadalajara Car Rental prices include collision damage waiver insurance (CDW- 10% deductible), liability insurance (PLI- 10% deductible), medical expenses insurance, theft protection (10% deductible), liability insurance, airport pickup and delivery, legal assistance, free mileage, and state and federal taxes.

We have the most modern vehicles, and all are in excellent condition. Also, our entire fleet is under constant maintenance to eliminate any mishaps during your trip.

Compare yourself and find out why we are the most reliable and efficient option to book a rental car in Guadalajara.

Which car rental agencies in Guadalajara are near me?

In City Car Rental, we always try to be as close as possible to you, so you don't have to worry about your location as you can receive your car at your hotel lobby or your door (with an extra charge). We are the best car rental option in Guadalajara.

At City Car Rental, you will not believe how easy it is to book a car rental service in Guadalajara for your next vacation.

The reservation process with City car rental is simple; you can make your reservation online or by phone. You can also find our car rental company at Guadalajara airport or downtown; this way, you will not have an excuse to enjoy the best car rental in Guadalajara Airport experience at the BEST price.

Can I add additional services to my car rental in Guadalajara?

You can add some extra services to your car rental in Guadalajara to facilitate the way you travel, whether you go alone or accompanied. Our main goal is to provide our customers with the best and most complete service, that's why we have a list of extras and additional services you can enjoy (for an extra cost).

  • Assistance in booking local attractions, parks, and restaurants
  • Extra Child booster seat
  • Additional drivers.
  • 0% deductible

You can add any of these options to your car rentals in Guadalajara Airport with City Car Rental at an additional cost so that you can enjoy your trip and, at the same time, have a pleasant experience.

Where else can I rent a car with City Car Rental?

City Car RentalGuadalajara offers you the possibility to live the experience of renting a car with us in several destinations in Mexico, such as:

How much does it cost to rent a car in Guadalajara?

Vehicle Category

Price Per Day (USD)

Price Per Week (USD)

Rent an Economy Car in Guadalajara



Rent a Compact Car in Guadalajara



Rent an Intermediate Car in Guadalajara



Rent a Standard Car in Guadalajara



Rent a Full-Size Car in Guadalajara



Rent a Premium Car in Guadalajara



Rent an Intermediate SUV Car in Guadalajara



Rent a Minivan Car in Guadalajara



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