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Comment from Jhon S. in %s Car Rental

Jhon S.

Jan, 2021


Last week my wife and I decided to rent a car in Los Angeles because a friend recommended it. Our vacation was perfect and we were satisfied with the car we got.
Comment from Simon L. in %s Car Rental

Simon L.

Jan, 2021


I am satisfied with this service, I had no problems with the reservation or with the vehicle. The attention is good. I highly recommend this Car Rental Los Angeles Company.
Comment from Jason M. in %s Car Rental

Jason M.

Jan, 2021


Days ago I took a business trip and needed to rent a car in Los Angeles.I decided on City car rental. It gives me an efficient and safe service.

Car rental Los Angeles with City Car Rental The best car rental experience in Lax!

In City Car Rental, we seek that our customers always get the best quality in their car rental LAX service, that's why our customer service team will always be online on our website to help you solve any questions you may have about what our rentals include.

Do not be left with any doubt about the availability of our vehicles or prices. Our customer service will be available to help you perform your rent a car in LAX service for the date that you prefer.

Remember that with the prepaid system that City Car Rental offers you be able to Rent a car in LAX in a more simple and practical process, this way you ensure that when you arrive in the city the vehicle you chose is ready to go out and live the experience that City Car Rental Los Angeles has to offer!

When you book a LAX car rental with us, you can have great discounts and exclusive prices in the best tourist attractions in Los Angeles, don't miss the opportunity to save and start renting with City Car Rental today!

You can also hire your car rental service in nearby destinations such as:

What Does Include Your LAX Car Rental?

Travel Smart, Don't Pay Extra Money.

Travel Safe, All The Rates Include Insurance

  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
  • Primary Third Person / Property Liability (PLI)
  • Medical Expenses Insurance (PAI)
  • Theft Protection (TP)
  • Civil Responsibility Complement (SLI)

No Hidden Fees, Your rentals with us have transparent Prices

With us, you will not pay hidden over-the-counter fares; your rent already includes the airport, federal and local taxes. With us, you can have the confidence that what you see is what you pay at the counter on your arrival*.

Drive The City With Our Free Mileage

Tour the city without limitations; thanks to our free mileage, you will not have to pay extra fares for the number of kilometers traveled; just worry about enjoying your trip.

The benefits of making a LAX car rental with City Car Rental

Los Angeles is one of the most famous cities in the United States, this due to the vast number of things you can do in the city, many parks and malls to visit, that's why in City Car Rental Los Angeles we seek that our customers can enjoy the best LAX car rental service.

We also know that life in the city of Los Angeles can be very quick. That's why when you make a car rental LAX airport service with us, the car you choose will have insurance so that your only concern is to get safely to your destination.

In City Car Rental Los Angeles, we want you to drive the car that best suits your needs, that's why we have a wide variety of vehicles so you can choose the one you like when you make a Los Angeles car rental with us.

In City Car Rental we have a fantastic prepaid system, which will help to facilitate to book your car rental Los Angeles service, as our customer service team will be online all the time if you have any questions in the course of your reservation they can help you to get everything in the best way.

The city of Los Angeles has many tourist attractions in which you will be able to have amazing discounts and prices when you got to rent a car in LAX with us since you belong to the City Car Rental family; you will be enjoying many benefits that will help economize your travel.

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Phone: +1 (305) 529.3997

Office hour MON-SAT from 07:30 to 22:30

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Book online and assure your transport upon arrival!

In City Car Rental Los Angeles, we have the best LAX car rental service; that's why we put at your disposal our prepaid system; with this, when you make your reservation online and confirm it, you will be assured your transport as soon as you arrive in the city.

To facilitate your reservation process online to rent a car in LAX, we have a customer service team that is available to support you in the web site chat; they will assist you in solving all doubts you may have.

Remember that to reserve your car rental LAX service with City Car Rental Los Angeles; you only need to pay 20% of the total of your quote, this way, you will have your reservation secured as soon as you arrive in Los Angeles.


Why choose Rent a car in LAX service?

Undoubtedly Los Angeles is one of the most emblematic cities in the United States, so every year this tourist destination receives a large number of visitors, who seek to know more about this city, how to tour its many attractions, visit its very emblematic restaurants and of course, the famous "walk of fame". This metropolis has an endless number of tourist attractions to offer, one of the most emblematic or recognized, is its film industry, so we advise you to find an excellent LAX car rental service when you arrive at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and get ready to tour this tourist city.

There is no better way than to rent a car in Los Angeles and get to know the city, aboard a vehicle that gives you the ease and total freedom to move around this tourist destination that will give you many hours of fun, accompanied by your family or friends.

In addition to its great tourist attractions, in Los Angeles you will find a large number of shopping malls where you accompanied by your family or friends, spend a full day touring and learning more about the stores in which prestigious brands are found, without the need to wait for public transportation or taxi service, which can often be annoying or late, that's why the best option you can choose, is to book a rent a car in LAX service, and so you will not have to worry about traveling and getting to know this great metropolis, as is the city of Los Angeles.

Don't doubt that renting a car in Los Angeles, will help you a lot in your stay in the city, besides you will be able to go out and know the city at the time you want and with the total freedom to go to the place you want and at the time you decide.

What places can I visit when I rent a car in LAX?

Los Angeles is considered a dazzling city, so the amount of attractions or places of interest, is quite extensive, from visiting Hollywood and know its worldwide attraction "walk of fame,” like spending a full day in Santa Monica. When you book your car rental Los Angeles, you will have the facility to move between the different attractions with the freedom and comfort that only the Los Angeles car rental can offer you.

Also with your Car rental LAX Airport, you will be able to visit another of the famous emblematic cities of the United States, which is San Francisco, when you have your car rental Los Angeles airport, you will only have to worry about the attractions you want to know, because when you rent a car in LAX  with City Car Rental, you will get an endless number of benefits or promotions with different companies, so you will have a variety of options to visit.

When you visit the city of Los Angeles, you and the people who accompany you will enjoy an endless number of activities to perform, also if you purchase your Lax car rental service, you will not have the worry of moving around the city.

What does my Car rental lax service include?

Los Angeles is one of the most visited destinations in the country, so when you hire the car rental Los Angeles, you will have a great list of destinations or attractions to visit, with City Car Rental, you will get the best Los Angeles car rental, at the best price. Compared to other car rental companies in Los Angeles that end up having hidden prices on their websites, also as a company that seeks to be a leader in Car rental lax airport, we seek to satisfy the experience of our customers, providing the best car rental Los Angeles airportservice.

When you reserve your rent a car in LAX, you will get a lot of promotions with different companies or local establishments, so in addition to providing the best Lax car rental, you will get discounts to enjoy your vacation and get the best travel experience with Car rental lax by City Car Rental.

Is the car rental Los Angeles safe?

Travelling to the city of Los Angeles is an adventure you won't want to miss, because the different attractions of this city are in different geographical areas, the best way to tour the city and move around the destination is to book a Los Angeles car rental service, so many people don't feel safe to rent a car in LAX. However, if you want to hire a car rental Los Angeles airport, you will only need a valid driver's license, a credit card, and if necessary, your passport. When you get your Car rental LAX service, you don't have to worry about driving around the city, since you'll have the freedom to visit the attractions you want, whenever you want.

City Car Rental, offers the service of car rental Los Angeles, at the best price and with different exclusive promotions with different establishments, so we are your best option when booking Los Angeles car rental. Do not hesitate anymore and find the car you need for your vacation to Los Angeles and find the Car rental LAX airport perfect for you.

Where can I Rent a car in LAX?

The dream of hundreds of people around the world is to travel to know the wonders of Los Angeles, its theme parks, Hollywood fame walk and other activities that make this city a perfect vacation attraction for both children and grown-ups, but rarely do they care to prioritize the way they move from one place to another in the city.

LAX car rental by City Car Rental is a service that will be very helpful if you want to move freely in the city and safely, because in addition to offering the ideal car for you, City Car Rental offers advantages and incredible features in each of its vehicles so that you can rent a car in LAX that you always looked for.

Will you be traveling alone, with friends, as a couple, or with all your family?

Don't worry, whatever activity you want to do, you will be able to do it thanks to the fact that when you rent a car in LAX  you will be able to choose between different categories such as economic, Compact, standard, intermediate, large, compact SUV, medium SUV, Mini Van, Large SUV and Passenger Van (The availability of each of the categories and vehicles depends on the area and the season in which the reservation is made).

Can I get a LAX car rental service, or which car rental LAX companies are near me?

Los Angeles is a beautiful city with hundreds of activities to do, and what better than finding the best Car Rental LAX Airport to enjoy to the fullest and as never before your vacations in the city?

City Car Rental for more than a decade has worked to offer a service that not only provides an incredible quantity in monetary savings to each of our customers, but provides the quality you need to acquire an extraordinary performance in your car rental Los Angeles service and the best care regardless of the circumstance for which you are traveling to the city.

While you rent a car in LAX, enjoy your trip and live new adventures as you discover why our LAX car rental service is the ideal choice for renting a car near you during your next vacation.

Also enjoy the services and categories that we have prepared for you in each one of our sections, with which you will be able to complement in an ideal way its

What is the safest option to rent a car in LAX?

Rent a car in LAX from City Car Rental is a service that you can purchase safely and from the comfort of your home or workplace because the accessibility to our website and contact numbers are quite practical and make it easy for each of our customers to get a full-service Car Rental Los Angeles.

If you acquire a car rental Los Angeles service with us you can learn more about the benefits we have for you and your companions, because in City Car Rental Los Angeles our main objective is your safety and the safety of those who travel with you, since in addition to offering a complete Los Angeles Car Rental service in each of their journeys to their destination, we promise that throughout your trip you can reach your goal with the security you deserve.

Some of the benefits that you will be able to acquire when obtaining service of rent a car in LAX are the following ones:

  • Medical expenses insurance.
  • Partial insurance for theft.
  • Damage and collision insurance.

Also, travel with complete confidence thanks to our comprehensive insurance included in all your reservations of car rental Los Angeles with us, with which you can acquire a 0% deductible for an extra cost when making your reservation.

Also remember that City Car Rental Los Angeles is the safest Los Angeles car rental agency, because while you are getting to know the city and driving by road you can have a team of assistance on the road that will help you with any inconvenience that arises on the way to your next adventure no matter the day or time, because our customer service team will be monitoring at all times the process of your trip and will ensure the satisfaction and maximum safety of it.

What extra services can I add to my LAX car rental?

The moment you've opted to rent a car in LAX, you're choosing the safest and most convenient service wherever you want to go in or around the city.

When you get a Los Angeles Car Rental with City Car Rental we are dedicated to offering you the best care during every second of your experience when a LAX Car Rental is concerned, that's why in addition to the incredible benefits that you can acquire when you rent a car in LAX with us we have services and extras that you can add to your LAX car rental service in Los Angeles to get a much safer experience and tailored to your needs.

Take into account the following additional services that can include your Car rental Los Angeles Airport with City Car Rental.

- 0% deductible

This modality will help you drive around the city with your Car Rental Los Angeles service in a safe way, because no matter what happens with the vehicle you will not have a cost or percentage of extra charge for any inconvenience with the car, because this 0% deductible insurance will cover the total cost of it.

- Additional Driver

If you want to add an extra driver at your LAX car rental service to spend a more comfortable vacation without worrying about being the only designated driver with City Car Rental LAX you can make it possible for a few dollars, what better than having another trusted person who can drive for you while you are tired after a long day at the city attractions or your activities?

- Baby Seat

In City Car Rental Los Angeles we care about the little ones too, that's why while you reserve your Car rental LAX airport you can add a seat for your little ones from 1 to 12 months, this way you can drive through the city with the assurance that your little one is in the safest conditions inside the car.  

- Child Seats

If you are traveling with children between 4 and 8 years old, you can get your car rental Los Angeles airport with the security that they also deserve for a couple of extra dollars in the car rental in Los Angeles that you choose, this way you ensure to keep the most important for you while you enjoy with them the activities you do in the city.

Is expensive to Rent A Car in LAX?

Los Angeles Car Rental will always be cheaper than other services to move in Los Angeles, the cost/benefit ratio is great, as what you pay is a very low cost compared to other ways of transport. It is also the easiest and most practical way to get around in Los Angeles. Using the Car Rental LAX Airport is much better than using a taxi from Los Angeles airport, since the Taxi is too expensive an option, and since you will have to use the service recurrently during your stay, it will be even more expensive. Instead with your LAX Car Rental service you can go anywhere you want without paying anything more than fuel.

Using the Car Rental LAX Airport is the best option if you want to save and have time to enjoy when you travel between the different places that are in Los Angeles. City Car Rental Los Angeles offers special service packages, according to the type of traveler you are, with a wide variety of categories of cars, whether you come as a tourist to the city, or to close a multimillion-dollar business, we will always have the car that fits your expectations.

We will give you the most recent vehicle of the market and with the greater possible security, we guarantee you that you will feel comfortable during every Kilometer that you cross of the West coast. Don't worry about anything, the taxes and insurance you need are included in the entry price, although if you need any of our additional services, we have them at very low prices and always available when you decide rent a car in LAX.

With City Car Rental LAX it's safe and easy to rent a car in LAX for your next trip with the Car Rental Los Angeles Airport service, and the prices on our website are the ones you'll pay. Say goodbye to hidden charges and insurance not included at excessive prices, we do not hide a charge either before or at the time of booking or when you deliver the vehicle. We are sure that you will be a totally satisfied customer.

What type of City Car Rental LAX is right for me?

The city of Los Angeles is made to be enjoyed aboard a car, there are so many things to do and discover. Traveling the area by car is the most comfortable option you'll have, no matter if you're traveling alone or accompanied, whether it's for recreation or business.

We are a LAX Car Rental Company that guarantees comfort and safety. We know the importance of providing a comfortable and reliable vehicle for your trip, so our fleet of cars is varied, but all our cars meet the highest standards in safety.

We have a wide variety of car categories ranging from compact cars, large cars, luxury cars, SUVs or vans for small groups. Choose the vehicle that best suits the style of your trip and let us pamper you with the best car rental service in Los Angeles.

Are you traveling alone or with a limited budget? We recommend that you look for affordable prices when you rent a car in LAX.

Do you prefer an automatic car, so as not to complicate your trip? Each one of our cars offers the possibility of choosing them in their automatic or manual version.

Are you traveling with your family of 4 and looking for space and comfort for everyone? Consider use a full-size when you rent a car in LAX or if you have a higher budget, rent an SUV so you can enjoy more space between passengers.

Traveling with a group of five? We have more options, in City Car Rental Los Angeles Airport there are always more options to choose and that distinguishes us from the competition, we recommend an SUV so that all your passengers are comfortable and have enough space for their respective luggage.

Are you traveling with a group of 10 to 15 people? Without a doubt you will need a NPV with a capacity of up to 15pax, and we have the best NPV models, this way everyone will be very happy and comfortable.

Besides rent a car in LAX, where can I rent a car with City Car Rental?

City Car Rental has more locations in the United States, visit us in the states of Florida or California, we also have car rental service Los Angeles located at the airport, quote online or contact one of our telephone advisors, we are always ready to receive you with the best:

How much does it cost to Rent a Car in LAX?

Vehicle CategoryPrice Per Day (USD)Price Per Week (USD)
Rent an Economy Car in Los Angeles644.294,510.06
Rent a Standard Car in Los Angeles760.655,324.53
Rent a Full-Size Car in Los Angeles803.415,623.88
Rent a Intermediate SUV Car in Los Angeles814.475,701.29
Rent a Mini Van Car in Los Angeles926.356,484.47
Rent a Premium Car in Los Angeles1,050.247,351.65
Rent a SUV Car in Los Angeles814.475,701.29
Rent a Compact Car in Los Angeles644.294,510.06
Rent a Standard SUV Car in Los Angeles814.475,701.29
Rent a Full-size SUV Car in Los Angeles814.475,701.29
Rent an Passenger Vehicle in Los Angeles1,176.358,234.47
Rent an Intermediate Car in Los Angeles756.715,296.94

What is the difference between City Car Rental and other LAX Car Rental companies?

Unlike the most famous Car Rental Los Angeles Airport brands such as Avis ®, Hertz ®, National Car Rental ®, Europcar ® or Sixt ® we do not show false prices, all our prices shown on our website or on any of our digital platforms INCLUDE ALL INSURANCE WIDE COVERAGE AND TAXES, that is to say, that our prices shown are the price that you will pay at the end, WITHOUT DECEPTIONS, since all the prices assigned to the rent of each car already include the cost of the insurances and the value for the rent of the vehicle.

On the other hand there are many platforms such as Expedia ®, ®, ® with prices as low as the rates from $1USD, but these rates are false, no LAX Car Rental company with which they work can give you a car for 1 USD without paying additional costs, these prices are used as misleading advertising, since in the United States and according to the laws is MANDATORY to have insurance damage to third parties at least, and these are contracted in prices between $9 and $25 USD and the bad thing is that these, they only have a partial coverage, and to say, it only covers the damages that you can cause with the car to someone else, but you are still TOTALLY responsible for 100% of the damages of the vehicle that they rent to you, that is to say that if you have an accident and the car is damaged, you will have to pay for the damages caused to your car.

And even if you find such low rates that do not include insurance and even if you want to reject ALL the coverages, third party insurance is MANDATORY in the United States and if you only take out this insurance, there is something called "Deposit Guarantee" that increases in this type of companies, this way the deposit in guarantee when you rent a car in LAX can rise from $900 USD to $3,500 USD if not more.

At City Car Rental LAX Airport our "Security Lock" or "Security Deposit" is one of the lowest in the market starting at $250 USD. For this and more reasons do not be fooled by this type of LAX Car Rental services that are offered at $1 USD because these prices are not real, it is misleading advertising to attract customers.

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