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Comment from Jhon S. in %s Car Rental

Jhon S.

Apr, 2020


Last week my wife and I decided to rent a car in San Francisco because a friend recommended it. Our vacation was perfect and we were satisfied with the car we got.
Comment from Simon L. in %s Car Rental

Simon L.

Apr, 2020


I am satisfied with this service, I had no problems with the reservation or with the vehicle. The attention is good. I highly recommend this Car Rental San Francisco Company.
Comment from Jason M. in %s Car Rental

Jason M.

Apr, 2020


Days ago I took a business trip and needed to rent a car in San Francisco.I decided on City car rental. It gives me an efficient and safe service.

San Francisco car rental with City Car RentalThe best car rental in San Francisco experience!

With City Car Rental San Francisco, you will have a unique experience from the first moment, as we always seek to stay on top with the best online reservation system to facilitate your car rental San Francisco airport service with us.

In City Car Rental we know that you are looking for a unique and unforgettable trip, that is why to ensure that your only concern during your travel is where to go we put at your disposal in the rental of your vehicle insurance to forget everything else and concentrate only on doing the best. Be sure that the price of your online quote will be the one you are going to pay; we don't make any hidden charges here.

We know that many times you may have questions about the days of reservation that there are available or if the price changes due to different circumstances, so you don't stay with the doubt, we invite you to tell our customer service team who will be online to support you to make the best way your car rental San Francisco CA, service.

Remember that when you rent a car in San Francisco airport with City Car Rental, you are already part of our family, so we have amazing prices and special promotions in the best tourist attractions in the city just for you! You can start renting today with City Car Rental San Francisco California.

You can also hire your car rental service in nearby destinations such as:

What Does Include Your San Francisco Car Rental?

Travel Smart, Don´t Pay Extra Money.

Travel Safe, All The Rates Include Insurance

  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
  • Primary Third Person / Property Liability (PLI)
  • Medical Expenses Insurance (PAI)
  • Theft Protection (TP)
  • Civil Responsibility Complement (SLI)

No Hidden Fees, Your Rental Include Taxes

Rest assured that with us you will not pay hidden over-the-counter fares, your rent already includes international airport and local taxes. With us, have the confidence of what you see it’s what you pay at the counter on your arrival.

Drive The City With Our Free Mileage

Tour the city without limitations, thanks to our free mileage you will not have to pay extra fares for the amount of kilometers traveled, just worry about enjoying your trip.

Why make a car rental San Francisco with City Car Rental?

San Francisco is a city with many places of interest and culture, that is why it is one of the favorite destinations to visit in the United States, because of this in City Car Rental we want you to enjoy the most of your travel and that's why we have for you a wide variety of vehicles for you to choose the one that best suits you when you do your SFO car rental service.

As well as having a large number of vehicles at your disposal, we have incredible prices with which it will be impossible not to want to rent a car in San Francisco with us, because unlike other agencies, we do not make hidden charges, what you see at the end of your online quote is what you will pay.

Also, your car has included insurance for any accident that could happen, so you will only have to worry about deciding where you want to go next, do not wait any longer and take this opportunity to rent a car in San Francisco, CA with City Car Rental and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Keep in mind that when you rent a car in San Francisco airport with us, you will be already saving on your trip, since belonging to the City Car Rental family, you will be able to count on incredible discounts and offer prices in the main tourist attractions of San Francisco.

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Find the best prices for your journey!

It's essential to keep in mind that you don't have to make a trip and spend vast amounts of money. You can look for the best promotions for hotels, attractions, and of course, for a car rental San Francisco California service.

With City Car Rental San Francisco CA the SFO car rental will be the best experience you can have, because we have the best prices in the market, plus once you make your San Francisco car rental with us you will have access to discounts at the best tourist sites in the city.

Remember that traveling does not imply having to overspend. It is always good to look for the best prices for all our needs when traveling, and with City Car Rental San Francisco CA, you will be able to obtain the best prices.


Why book a Car rental San Francisco service?

Visiting San Francisco is one of the best trips you can make when visiting the state of California, with excellent panoramic views of this great city and a variety of neighborhoods, so that you can learn more about this great multicultural city of the United States of America.

Because the attractions of this tourist destination are counted in different geographical areas, the best you can do is, find a good San Francisco car rental that gives you the ease of getting around the various points of the city and what better than, drive on the city icon, which is the famous hanging bridge "Golden Gate", which will give you a majestic view of this beautiful city on the west coast of the United States.

When obtaining the service of Rent a car in San Francisco airport, you and the people who accompany you, will not have the inconvenience to wait for the public transport or the famous taxis, that sometimes can be expensive or not very useful, instead with the service of Rent a car in San Francisco California, you will not have limitation of the attractions that you will visit, at the moment that you wish.

In addition, San Francisco is worldwide for its night activities, so, having purchased the service of SFO car rental service you will not have any impediment to be transported at the time you want, to places that are of interest, so the car rental San Francisco Airport, is your best option to get around the city.

What places can I visit when I reserve my Car rental San Francisco?

Having booked your San Francisco car rental service with us, you will have a great list of attractions to visit in the course of your trip to San Francisco, so with our Rent a car in San Francisco airport you will have total freedom to visit the different most emblematic places of San Francisco, from crossing the suspension bridge "Golden Gate" and marvel at the majestic panoramic views of the city, such as the famous neighborhoods of the city where you can find historical structures of the town.

In addition to these attractions, you too, have found the perfect SFO car rental service, can visit "Fisherman´s Wharf," in which you can find an endless number of establishments where you can spend hours of fun and entertainment. Since this fishing port, it is common to find shops, restaurants and, musical shows at night, and what better with having purchased your car rental San Francisco Airport that will give you the facility to move from one point to another at the time you decide.

What's included in my San Francisco car rental?

When you book a San Francisco car rental with City Car Rental, you will find the vehicle that gives you the freedom to travel in the city, having the security and confidence that your SFO car rental will provide the best experience in your stay in the city.

As a car rental company in San Francisco, we seek the highest satisfaction of our customers with your car rental San Francisco Airport, that's why, we find to be at the forefront and be leaders in Car rental San Francisco California, at the best price. That's why our vehicles are in constant maintenance and revision, so you can be sure that your next San Francisco car rental, without worrying that your car presents any inconvenience.

In addition, as we are interested in the benefit of our customers, we seek that they can get the most out of your Rent a car in San Francisco airport service, that's why, we have commercial alliances, so that our customers get discounts with different establishments and enjoy their experience with our Car rental San Francisco CA service on their visit to the city.

Is safe Car rental San Francisco?

We know that in each destination there are different means of transportation, however, when you arrive from a trip to a new city or even being recurrent, the public transportation service is uncertain, the schedules are not always accurate, the price can be very variable and the travel time is very long, making you lose a lot of time of your stay in San Francisco.

Rent a car in San Francisco airport will allow you to move more freely throughout the city, at your own pace, and without extra expenses.

Without a doubt, booking a Car rental San Francisco, California is an efficient, comfortable, and safe option to enjoy your stay in this great destination.

City Car Rental San Francisco, California gives you the necessary coverage so you can drive without worries. In addition, all vehicles available for San Francisco car rental are continuously inspected to ensure a stable and safe driving.

San Francisco is a safe city, so when hiring a Car rental San Francisco, California, you will not have to worry about your safety, throughout the city you may find elements of public safety, the avenues are well lit, so driving is not a risk to your integrity.

That's why Rent a car in San Francisco California is the best option for you on your next visit. Don't wait any longer, make your reservation today and start enjoying all the benefits of being a City Car Rental customer.

Where can I get a San Francisco Car Rental?

Thousands of people travel daily to San Francisco to see incredible places, Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street, Pier 39, Muir Woods, Point Bonita, among others, so you can not be satisfied with knowing only one of the hundreds of places of interest that you can find in San Francisco, for it get a car rental San Francisco, CA service and know each of these with a real quality service that only with City Car Rental can get.

While you are making preparations for your trip to San Francisco, no matter what the reason for your visit you will seek to find an ideal service to get a car rental San Francisco that offers the best treatment and service, that is why City Car Rental offers the best discounts and promotions to each of their destinations, but in addition to this, Rent a car in San Francisco Airport by City Car Rental is an agency that cares about offering the best to each of its customers.

City Car Rental for several years has offered an unparalleled service in Mexico and the United States so that each of its customers can have the security of being acquiring the most reliable Car Rental San Francisco service and with the quality that each of the people looking for Rent a car in San Francisco in a practical way can do it.

For you who travel continuously to cities like this is that the San Francisco car rental that has arrived to California now, this way we ensure that your trips through the city will be the safest and most comfortable you have ever had, because with City Car Rental San Francisco you can select the type of vehicle you require to know the city or move in it with the best service and attention during their journeys.

Can I get a San Francisco car rental service, or which San Francisco Car rental CA companies are near me?

Obtaining a Car Rental San Francisco City is becoming increasingly simple, because while you travel to a destination like this you will always seek to contact an agency that is attentive to your needs during each kilometer of your trip and with City Car Rental San Francisco you can now obtain it in a simple and practical way.

You can book now a San Francisco Car Rental service easily with City Car Rental, so we have different options for each of our users depending on their location, number of passengers and economy, as we adapt perfectly to the needs you have.

If you do not want to go to our locations you can make your reservation through our website, or make a call, where our operation service and customer service will gladly and immediately assist you to offer the ideal car for your city tours according to your needs.

If you are out of town and will soon be traveling to San Francisco and want to make your Car Rental San Francisco service in advance, you can do so, because from the moment you contact one of our agents you can have an unparalleled service that will allow you to make your reservation, add additional and receive advice from our highly trained car rental San Francisco team that will seek at all times the way to solve whatever your need is to purchase the San Francisco Car Rental California that you are looking for.

Reservations can also be made at the moment at our location, however, we recommend doing the same in advance, as the availability of our vehicles may vary, as well as the prices for Car Rental San Francisco service demand in California.

What is the safest option to rent a car in San Francisco?

You can now acquire a completely safe service with City Car Rental, because one of the advantages we have is that you can easily move around the city in a simple way and with a customer service team that will be available at all times, so you will not have to worry if any inconvenience arises with the vehicle while you are on the road, because when you purchase the Car Rental San Francisco, California from City Car Rental you will have assistance on the road secured, which will help you wherever you are in a very short time. (You can ask about the modality of this service to our agents if you have plans to leave the city).

All our cars have satellite tracker, which will give you much more security to know beyond what you can find in san francisco downtown, this may also help you if you want to get help from our agents, because thanks to our 24-hour customer service, with us you can acquire personal advice to perform any type of activities in the city.

In addition to the above points City Car Rental San Francisco offers comprehensive insurance included in your reservations with us and bilingual staff with whom you can resort 24 hours before, during and after the reservation of your car rental San Francisco California service.

What extra services can I add to my San Francisco rental service?

Since you make your reservation you have the ability to make your car rental San Francisco California service as complete and accurate, because you can select additional so that your experience in the city is an enjoyable experience for you, it is essential to remember that each of these has an extra cost per day to each addition you make to the car rental San Francisco California service that you have chosen.

Some of the extra services you can add when you Rent a car in San Francisco Airport are the following:

0% deductible

In City Car rental San Francisco we care because each of our customers feel comfortable and safe, that's why we have added the 0% deductible modality, this way you can drive around the city and its surroundings in a 100% secure environment with the confidence of having at all times the best team of personalized attention and assistance on the road for you, plus you will not have to worry about any accident or unforeseen event that occurs, as this insurance covers completely any damage that the vehicle receives inside or outside the city.

Additional Driver

If you want to spend an utterly comfortable vacation but do not want to be you who drives all the time or have decided to appoint another person to drive for you, this modality is perfect, because when you Rent a car in San Francisco California you can add an additional driver for a couple of extra dollars per day and enjoy the copilot side of the wonders that San Francisco has for you.

Baby Seat

Will you travel with children from 1 month to 1 year old? Do not worry anymore because with a baby seat designed exclusively for the safety of it will not have to think about how to move it to its destination and best of all, you can enjoy all your adventures with him or the smallest when you Rent a car in San Francisco Airport with us.

Child Seats

The absence of a children's car seat on the road can be quite dangerous, as children usually despair of being seated or tend to want to reach their relatives in the front, but you have nothing more to worry about, because by rent a car in San Francisco Airport, California you can keep the youngest in your family safe and drive around the city with the safety that you and your family deserve.

Is car rental San Francisco expensive?

Using a San Francisco Car Rental is cheaper than other transportation options, especially if you compare the cost/benefit of this. For a very low price you have the option to travel the entire west coast of the United States, without paying for distances, you only pay the rent of your car rental San Francisco Airport and the fuel you consume, is like taking your own car to San Francisco, go where you want, take pictures at the Golden Gate, travel the road from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and more. There's a whole world of things to enjoy in San Francisco and you can do them aboard your SFO car rental service.

Taxis and UBERs in San Francisco are often expensive, and it can be uncomfortable to move from place to place just using these types of services, and you'll even end up spending a lot more than if you rent a car in San Francisco, California. There is also public transportation in San Francisco which, while very good, can be uncomfortable if you want to see places outside of San Francisco. Wherever you look at using a car rental San Francisco, California is undoubtedly the best option to move around comfortably and save several dollars in San Francisco.

And even more with City Car Rental, prices are even lower, so you can travel more for less money, always offering the best quality and safety in your car rental San Francisco, California, we unlike other car rental San Francisco California companies do not make hidden charges, what you see is what you pay, this helps when you enter our site, and make your quote you can make your budget and all the time know how much money you will pay for rent a car in San Francisco Airport.

If I hire car rental in San Francisco, which vehicle is right for me?

This is an excellent question! In City Car Rental San Francisco, we know that there are all types of travelers; each has its tastes and different budgets. That's why we have developed a large fleet of vehicles that can adapt to any need for SFO car rental San Francisco,California.

We know that the most important thing when you travel to San Francisco is to move at your own pace, visit the most symbolic places like Golden Gate, Pier 39, Union Square, Chinatown, among many other places you can not miss during your visit to this great destination.

In City Car Rental San Francisco, California we understand the importance of your comfort and safety; that's why our fleet of vehicles available for rent a car in San Francisco Airport has been designed to adapt to any traveler. Whether you are traveling alone or accompanied, with a partner, friends, family, workgroup, for pleasure or business, we have an ideal vehicle for you.

So, back to the original question, what is the ideal vehicle for you if you decide to rent a car in San Francisco Airport? The best answer would be: it depends. Why? Well, if you're one of those people who don't need a great vehicle and prefer to drive automatic and not standard transmission, then you can rent an automatic compact car in San Francisco.

If you are traveling with your family and you are looking for a Car Rental San Francisco, possibly your partner and two children, the best thing is that you rent a full-size car rental in San Francisco, so you can enjoy a comfortable trip, plus, if you need it you can add chairs for children or babies during your process of car rental in San Francisco for greater security.

If you are traveling with more than five people and want everyone to go in one car, then we recommend renting a large SUV in San Francisco for seven passengers.

If you are traveling with a group of up to 12 people, and you want everyone to move together, your best option is to rent a passenger van in San Francisco, with a capacity for up to 15 passengers.

Where else can I rent a car with City Car Rental San Francisco?

City Car Rental is a Company with may locations and offers other destinations where you can easily use our Car Rental service in the California State and other cities in the United States:

How much does it cost to rent a Car in San Francisco?

Vehicle CategoryPrice Per Day (USD)Price Per Week (USD)
Rent a Economy Car in San Francisco563.813,946.64
Rent a Standard Car in San Francisco674.244,719.69
Rent a Full-Size Car in San Francisco740.435,183.01
Rent a Intermediate SUV Car in San Francisco743.965,207.74
Rent a Mini Van Car in San Francisco881.496,170.44
Rent a Premium Car in San Francisco975.726,830.03
Rent a SUV Car in San Francisco743.965,207.74
Rent a Standard SUV Car in San Francisco743.965,207.74
Rent a Compact Car in San Francisco563.813,946.64
Rent a Full-size SUV Car in San Francisco743.965,207.74
Rent a Pasenger Van Vehicle in San Francisco1,102.667,718.60
Rent a Intermediate Car in San Francisco662.294,636.02

What is the difference between City Car Rental San Francisco and other car rental companies?

Around the world companies that offers San Francisco Car Rental service like Avis ®, Hertz ®, National Car Rental ®, Europcar ® or Sixt ® among others, and one of the main features that differentiated us among them is that our rates include insurance with extensive coverage and taxes, so when renting a car in San Francisco with us, you will not have to worry about additional charges or hidden fees, the price you see on our website, will be the final price you pay.

Also, you can find a large number of platforms such as Expedia ®, RentalCars ®, CarRentals ® in which you will find rates of USD 1, which may seem very attractive and tempting, but are not real! Because there is no car rental company that actually delivers a vehicle for USD 1, since there are insurances that by U.S. law are mandatory for a car to circulate, and with these companies will end up paying prices between $9 to $25 USD daily for the basic coverage, and only offer a partial coverage of the vehicle, and this will cause the cost of your car rental at San Francisco airport to increase to an amount you had not considered.

Although these rates of car rental San Francisco seem to be attractive, they don't include insurance, and even if you want to reject all insurance, there are coverages that are mandatory by the U.S. government, and if you only purchase this basic insurance, there is something called a "Security Lock" or "Security Guarantee" in which companies will ask you for $900 to $3,500 USD or even more.

In City Car Rental San Francisco, California our main objective is that you enjoy to the maximum your San Francisco Car Rental service, that is why our rates already include insurance, so you will not have to worry about additional charges, in addition, unlike other companies, our "Security Block" or "Deposit Guarantee" is a range of $250 USD. Don't be fooled by the big companies with prices that look incredible, compare and discover why City Car Rental San Francisco is your best choice when you need to rent a car in San Francisco airport.

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