Preventive Actions Due to The COVID-19

By Lynn M. - Updated on 18 March 2020

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Dear customer:

The #1 priority at City Car Rental Mexico is the safety of our customers and employees. For that purpose and following the recommendation of the health authorities regarding COVID-19, we are reinforcing each of the cleaning measures to ensure that our vehicles, facilities, and staff, meet these standards of hygiene and safety to the letter.

Our vehicles

Our units go through a sanitization, cleaning and disinfection process at the end of each rental, and at the time of delivery of each vehicle, our operators personally disinfect: steering wheel, gear lever, armrests, interior, and exterior handles as well as all contact surfaces. 

Our facilities 

Our facilities are also in a constant process of sanitization giving emphasis and attention to those surfaces and objects that are in contact with any person in order to decrease the probability of contagion.

Our collaborators

We keep our employees informed of official communications and also ensure that we follow any and all government health protocols for cleaning and disinfection. Basic measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 coronavirus include washing your hands, covering your face when you cough or sneeze, and avoiding kissing or shaking hands.  

In City Car Rental Mexico we are constantly monitoring all information related to the COVID-19 in order to acquire the appropriate measures to protect your health and that of our employees.

While it is true that the current situation represents a strong challenge for all of us and in all aspects, it is necessary to abide by these precautions. If you require a car due to this contingency, we are at your service. If you have any doubts or questions, please contact us at +52 (998) 980 0608 


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