Travel to the Riviera Maya: Tips for your trip easier

By Joseph S. - Updated on 14 March 2020

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We all know that the Mayan Riviera is a paradise in every sense of the word, full of a great number of emblematic sites, and no one has any doubt about this, although it could be a little confusing to tour it, especially if you are traveling for the first time, and even so, you probably only know about the popular sites and are overlooking many more that are little known.  

We have prepared a very complete guide for you, whether you are traveling with your family, alone or if you are going to travel for more than 15 days, our advice and recommendations will be very useful during your trip to the Mexican Caribbean.


Things to consider before you travel 


Keep in mind that at the time of preparing your travel plan, you should consult a travel guide, although it doesn't specify, but it talks about topics such as: the weather, hotels, transportation and activities in the Riviera Maya

There are all kinds of travelers in Cancun, many travel to a destination willing to explore a little, this is not recommended, as most services raise their prices or worse, find themselves without availability. Best of all is to optimize your time at the destination, quote and plan everything before arriving at the destination. 

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Best seasons to travel to the Riviera Maya


Before traveling to the Riviera Maya, you should know that the whole year is excellent to travel to this great destination. Since the weather is excellent all year round, something to keep in mind is that even though September, October and November are low season, due to the fear of hurricanes, nevertheless the weather remains perfect, we recommend you to check the weather forecast for these dates to be sure.

The advantage of traveling in these seasons is that most services and hotels drastically lower their prices, so you can take advantage of this to enjoy a dream vacation with little money. Now if you are looking to go to a destination full of parties, events and activities, traveling during the summer, at Easter and in December will be an experience like no other. 

About the flights


Here we enter the interesting part that every traveler is mortified by, the availability of direct flights to the Riviera Maya, although there are no direct flights to the Riviera Maya as such, the closest point is Cancun, and is where the vast majority of commercial flights land.

This area is particularly commercial, as they have a great variety of places to visit and see. There are many hotels, shopping malls and restaurants to see. Flights can be purchased with additional services, either with or without a hotel.


Is it a good idea to rent a car in the Riviera Maya?


This point is really important, since it is very important to find the right means of transportation to move around in this fantastic destination, and what better than having the freedom to move around in any destination of your preference.

Regarding the question of whether you should rent a car in Cancun: yes or no? The answer is: it depends on the circumstances of the trip and the activities you are going to do.  

There are travelers who plan a whole routine of travel to be done in the Riviera Maya, and some other states close to the Riviera Maya, and renting a car is really useful, because the great amount of places to visit, the easiest thing is that at the end of it all you will travel comfortably and spend less.

However, there is another great group of travelers, who prefer all-inclusive hotels, because sometimes they are just looking to relax, disconnect from any problems and concerns, if you are only going to be in one place, it is best to book private transportation, so they drop you off at your hotel and then pick you up there back at the airport.

Also in addition to all this, you can hire excursions in different attractions of the Riviera Maya organized by a reliable agency that will allow you to enjoy the destination in a comfortable and safe way.  

About the Taxi Service in Cancun

There are many doubts about whether the cab service in Cancun is very expensive or not, certainly it can be quite expensive if you leave it to the last minute, especially if you are one of those who leave everything to the last minute, cab drivers can take advantage of this and charge you a rather high price, the ideal and applies to everything, is to book in advance your cab service at the airport of Cancun, this way you will not have problems with the rates and the attention will be of higher quality.


How long does it take to travel to the main destinations in the Riviera Maya?


Here I could tell you that time will never be enough, since there are so many things to see and do that even living in this place, there is always something new. However, if you discard the not so famous places, time will be reduced considerably.

What is certain is that to visit the main attractions in the Riviera Maya it will be enough to travel for 7 days. Managing time well.

However, if what you are looking for is to rest and enjoy the hotel in Riviera Maya and the paradisiacal beaches, the ideal is to hire a 15-day travel package to Riviera Maya.


About hotels in Riviera Maya


Choosing a good hotel in the Riviera Maya is another requirement to guarantee a dream vacation in Mexico. There are many factors to consider when choosing accommodation such as budget, travel plans and accompaniment during the trip. Traveling as a honeymoon couple is not the same as traveling as a family with children.

A great option is also to rent a house through some mobile application, this way your stay can be more economical, even when you rent a car it will be even easier, because without problems you can go from the house you rented to any destination in the Riviera Maya, another great idea is to go with your car to every place in the Riviera Maya and stay in an economic hotel in the area.


What to see in Riviera Maya


In this Riviera Maya travel guide we want to make it clear that the Riviera Maya is much more than just paradisiacal beaches of white sand and turquoise water. Of course the beaches are really beautiful and remain free of sargos.  

That's why you should plan well what to see and do on your visit to the Riviera Maya during your vacation so that you don't miss anything. As we have seen, this area of the Mexican Caribbean is much more than beaches, so a tour of the Mayan ruins in Tulum will be a pleasant experience.


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