Top 10 Things to do in Miami

By - Updated on 24 May 2022

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Discover the best things to do in Miami

Miami is the most beautiful city known for its incredibly blue water beaches and soft sand. Still, beyond the shores, there are many destinations you can visit on this incredible Miami vacation in the company of your loved ones.

We want to give you the best recommendations on what to do in Miami.

Miami Transportation

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Activities in Miami 

Visit South beach

A beautiful destination for tourists for being the city that offers its most famous turquoise blue beaches, Miami presents a mix of activities to do such as going to taste in the best restaurant, shopping in the stores and boutiques, and appreciating the art galleries. The nightlife in Miami is of another level, with an energetic atmosphere.

Walk at the Art Deco District

A destination with art in the style of the '20s. Walk the 24 streets that highlight more than 500 buildings and palaces to get a little more information on how this destination grew and what kind of art you can find in the tour of these streets. Visit the Art Deco Welcome Center.
The Art Deco District is dressed in neon lights at night, making it the most beautiful city at night.

Enjoy a visit to Key Biscayne

Enjoy a walk in the oasis of white sands, tasting one of its best restaurants with the best view of the blue sea. 
One of the most beautiful activities of this place is the Cape Florida Lighthouse. This tower has a height of 95 feet and gives you a view of the tropical vegetation of Bill Baggs Park.

Be amazed by Key west

One way to enjoy this island of Miami is fishing; if you are looking for something more adventurous, you can snorkel or dive to the depths of these beaches and explore the Florida Keys.

Enjoy at Children's Museum

This museum is the perfect place to learn and have fun for hours! The objective of this museum is not only focused on children but also encourages parents to play, learn, create and imagine with science and art. Some of its areas are:

  • Bench area.

Children can simulate banking tasks.

  • Music Studio

Children's will learn about musical instruments.

  • Supermarket

Where the little ones will go shopping on their own.

Tour the Bayfront Park

The park with the best view at sunset. This beautiful park is located in front of the sea, and the best way to enjoy this walk is to walk along the bay full of palm trees and beautiful oak trees.

Visit Coconut Groove

It is the quietest area of Miami, with a bohemian style. You can't miss the CocoWalk tour, full of stores and restaurants of different types.

Be impressed at the Design District

It is the most creative neighborhood for its incredible galleries, design stores, and interior designs; you can also shop in the best luxury boutiques focused on fashion.

Visit and learn at the Holocaust Memorial

The creation of these figures was to honor those who were victims of the Holocaust. Creating these figures was to uphold those who were victims of the Holocaust and comfort the survivors. During your visit, you will find a monument of love and anguish, a statue of a substantially outstretched arm, reaching out of the earth and stretching as if to go toward the sky.

Meet Little Haiti

One of the most exciting neighborhoods you'll find in Miami; what will make this visit a must is to taste the Haitian food, the simplest and the most decadent in Miami. In addition, this is a neighborhood full of colorful locals where you will get unique souvenirs from your visit.


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