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By - Updated on 11 November 2022

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Visit Cancun at Christmas Time

For many people, Christmas Eve represents snowy scenery, festive sweaters, hot cups of coffee, and gingerbread cookies; however, giving a twist to the concept of Christmas can be a fantastic idea. Nowadays, many tourists choose Cancun as one of their favorite destinations to spend Christmas with friends and family, replacing the cold and snowy atmosphere with wonderful sunny days full of beach and fun.

This Christmas, say goodbye to coats and go for your favorite swimsuit. In this post, discover why to spend Christmas in Cancun and the best things to do during the holidays.


Christmas at an All Inclusive Hotel and Resort in Cancun

Staying at an all-inclusive hotel or resort during the Christmas holidays is undoubtedly one of the best decisions a traveler can make. All-inclusive resorts provide you with quality services that will make your Christmas vacation easier; don't worry about food or what to do during the day; all-inclusive hotels in Cancun have the solution for you.

During special dates like Christmas Eve and Christmas, these resorts offer the perfect Christmas atmosphere, with beautiful decorations, the best music, and activities according to the festivity. Of course, the best is the food; you can delight yourself with fantastic Christmas buffets, traditional dishes, and much more.


Festive atmosphere and activities at Cancun Resorts

Spending Christmas in Cancun allows you to experience a unique feeling, where most of the staff inside your hotel usually have a very festive attitude that spreads joy to any visitor. Usually, the resorts have a lot of activities related to the celebrations so that you can live the true Christmas spirit.


What to do at Christmas if you are not staying at a resort?

If you have decided not to stay in an all-inclusive hotel, don't worry; in Cancun Downtown, Cancun Hotel Zone, or any other nearby area, you can find spectacular restaurants offering a Christmas Eve menu. From traditional Mexican restaurants to international dishes, enjoy Christmas Eve with the best food and a perfect ambiance for this time of the year.


Activities during Christmas Eve in Cancun

First of all, you should know that most of Cancun's great attractions and activities are open on Christmas Eve, so you won't have to worry about not being able to do everything you had planned. Some of the best ways to enjoy the destination during this time of the year are to tour the famous archaeological site of Chichen Itza and shop at the fantastic Fifth Avenue in Playa del Carmen.


Transportation in Cancun during Christmas

Being such a popular destination during this time of the year, Cancun receives thousands of travelers daily, so getting from one area to another can be complicated without proper transportation planning. In addition, traffic is a factor to consider in your arrival times, so be sure to leave your hotel or any other accommodation on time.

Taxi Cancun is a transportation option you can resort to; they will take you directly and faster to any place you want in Cancun; however, you must consider that the rates at this season tend to rise too much, plus the taxi has a limited number of passengers. Meanwhile, public transportation is at its peak during these festivities, so if you want to avoid complications, it is best to use another alternative, such as a Cancun Car Rental. By renting a car in Cancun, you can guarantee a much faster and easier arrival time since only you can control your schedules and routes.


How do you experience the festivities in Cancun?

Although there are many things in common in every Christmas holiday in Cancun, each one has its own unique charm and is celebrated in a very different and original way.

-Posadas. In Mexico, posadas are an essential part of the holiday season, where you get together with family and friends while drinking punch and tasting delicious traditional dishes. They are usually celebrated from December 16 to January 6.

-Christmas Eve / Nochebuena. Christmas Eve celebrated on December 24, is a very special day in Mexico, where families gather to enjoy a special dinner together, followed by parties and lots of fun.

-Christmas / Navidad. One day after Christmas Eve, on December 25, Christmas is celebrated, where Mexican families gather again to eat and drink together, as well as exchange gifts.

-Dia de Reyes. This is a special day in Mexico, which is celebrated every January 6th. It represents the arrival of the Three Wise Men, who leave gifts for the children in their shoes during the night. During this celebration, the famous "Rosca de Reyes" is eaten, a decorated bread, which hides a small figure of the baby Jesus, and whoever finds it in his slice must host a party for Dia de la Candelaria, February 2.

Don't wait any longer and get ready to spend an unforgettable Christmas vacation in a unique destination like Cancun.

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