What to do in Cancun Hotel Zone

By - Updated on 06 July 2022

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What to do in the Cancun Hotel Zone?

Cancun is a highly acclaimed tourist destination both in Mexico and around the world, thanks to the beauty of its nature, excellent hotel infrastructure, popular attractions, and a great variety of activities to do. This destination comprises several zones, such as Cancun Downtown and Cancun Hotel Zone.

The Cancun Hotel Zone is the city's main tourist area; it has a significant extension of approximately 25 km and a wide variety of hotels and all-inclusive resorts of large chains. Likewise, the Cancun Hotel Zone offers endless activities and places to visit for those staying in this area.

Suppose you want to get to know this area completely. In that case, you will need more than one day to enjoy the tourist attractions, taste the delicious gastronomic offer in the best restaurants, and go shopping in the best malls, among other activities. From km 0 of the hotel zone, you will find all kinds of attractions, such as parks, squares, and public events. Moreover, the nightlife is ready to offer you a great party atmosphere thanks to its spectacular nightclubs and discos.


Attractions and places to visit in Cancun Hotel Zone

In this extensive area, there are many places to visit, from beautiful beaches to the best nightclubs in the area. These are some of the most important sites and activities you can't miss during your trip to the Cancun Hotel Zone.


El Rey Archaeological Zone

El Rey Archaeological Zone has a Mayan architecture from the pre-Columbian era. This remarkable Mayan vestige is formed by 47 structures and functioned as a maritime trade center.


Ventura Park

Ventura Park is an ideal tourist attraction for family fun; this colossal water park has 7 hectares in which you can enjoy an endless number of attractions and areas such as Wet'n Wild, Aaah-Ventura, FunWorld, Grand Prix, UnderWorld, Dolphinaris, and Beach Oh.


La Isla Shopping Village Cancun

La Isla Shopping Village Cancun is one of the best shopping malls in the area, where you can go shopping in local, national, and international brand stores. Also, you can take a walk around it and enjoy its modern and elegant design.


Beaches in Cancun Hotel Zone

The Cancun Hotel Zone has the best beaches in the city. You can choose to visit more than 15 beaches of different waves, shades, and depths. Among the most popular are Playa Chac Mool, Playa Delfines, Playa Caracol, Playa Tortuga, and Playa Linda.


Nightclubs and discos in the Cancun Hotel Zone

In Cancun Hotel Zone, you will find the perfect party atmosphere in its most popular nightclubs and discos, such as The City, Coco Bongo, and Mandala Beach. An atmosphere full of fun, good times, and the best music in trend awaits you in these spectacular clubs.


Popular restaurants in Cancun Hotel Zone

Recharge your energy after a long day enjoying delicious dishes at the best restaurants in Cancun Hotel Zone: Fantino (Italian food), Puerto Madero (Meat and fish), Fred's (Fish and seafood), and Harry's (Steaks).


Other places to visit in Cancun's Hotel Zone

During your tour in Cancun Hotel Zone, you can not miss places like:


How to get to the Cancun Hotel Zone?

Before your trip, you should know that the Cancun Hotel Zone is located almost half an hour (22.7 km) from Cancun International Airport (CUN). Therefore, it is recommended that you plan in advance the means of transportation you will use to get to your hotel. Below you will find some of the most popular options among travelers visiting Cancun.


Cancun Hotel Zone Car Rental

For travelers visiting this destination, a Cancun Hotel Zone Car Rental is the most recommended option to get to your hotel. Through this service, you will enjoy total freedom in your travel times, besides quickly getting to any place you want. Another plus is the privacy and enough space for your luggage and companions. In Cancun Hotel Zone, you can find certified and quality agencies such as City Car Rental, which have Car Rental Cancun Hotel Zone from $29 USD per day.


Cancun Hotel Zone Taxi

Hiring a Cancun Taxi service will get you to your destination quickly, between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on the distance from your lodging and the traffic on the road. Although this option is comfortable and helps you respect your travel schedule, it may not be the most viable alternative because of its high costs. The price per trip can exceed $50 USD since their fares are not regulated.


ADO Cancun Hotel Zone

Among the main advantages of traveling with ADO Cancun Hotel Zone are the comfort and safety offered by the company. Still, above all, the prices are pretty affordable for all budgets (approximately $10 USD per-ticket). However, the main disadvantage of this service is not only the delays caused by other travelers. Furthermore, it does not have direct routes to the Cancun Hotel Zone, so to get to your hotel, you will have to use a second transportation option, increasing your expenses considerably.

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